Social Web Literacy

We'll be discussing the Social Web and how knowing about it can help us make libraries more relevant to our social web savvy patrons.

Monday, April 30, 2007

An interactive photo albumBuilding a Social Library.
Libraries around the world have jumped into a project begun on Flickr, a social networking site. The typical 365 project involves taking a self-portrait every day for a year. For libraries, however, the object is to simply post 365 library-related pictures in a year.

PCLS has decided to join this group under the premise that we will post one new photo every weekday. In the end, we'll have a "year in the life" collection.

This community is just one of many on the Social Web. We hope you have enjoyed the class and encourage you to participate in the social networking phenomenon yourself. Be sure to leave your first name, social web site, and screen name in the comment field to this blog post. And let us know about any adventures you have along the way. Happy networking!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Every Dog Can Have its Website
The Social Web has become so popular that even dogs have web sites. Dogster has more than a quarter million personal pages for dogs. Assisted by their owners, dogs can visit their friends, leave bones and rosettes to their favorite pals and share photos, music, and videos. They even have online socials and real world get togethers.
You can participate in the social web just like all these dogs. Explore using the links in our class blog. Build you own page. Visit your coworkers' pages. To make that happen, add a comment to this blog posting and tell us which social web site you choose to work with. Also tell us what your onscreen name is (so we can find you there) and your real world first name so we have a sense who you are. Then be sure to check back and visit your classmates' pages.
Particpate! Comment! Interact! It's a world-wide phenomenon.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Building a Social LibrarySome people at Pierce County have taken the plunge into the Social Web and are trying to take the library with them. Here's my tiled rendition of where we've gone so far. PCLS now has a wiki, blogs, podcasts, and pages on Flickr and MySpace.

We hop eyou have enjoyed seeing the Social Web in class and encourage you to explore and participate beyond the class. Check back here and leave us a comment or two on this blog posting. Tell us what you thought, what you found, and leave your first name and the URL of your new personal page. That way, your classmates can visit and you can see what they've created, too!